Challenges and Responses of Modern Enterprises-SD-WAN Future Development

With the rise of globalization and the shortening of actual distances in the Internet generation, many companies are expanding globally. Various types of work application requirements, including video conferencing, ERP and CRM, etc. Companies face multiple challenges. The huge traffic of traditional wide area network (WAN) affects business efficiency. Multi-cloud operate mode hides information security crisis, etc.

Latest communication technology- Software-Defined WAN(SD-WAN). It can effectively solve the challenges faced by enterprises. SD-WAN is a new type of WAN management. It features high flexibility and low cost. It can be transmitted with different interface types, including MPLS, 4G/5G, LTE connection operation. This technology is highly developmental. It will inevitably become the mainstream of enterprises in the future.

Multinational companies are distributed across regions and even countries.
Therefore, it is necessary to use a wide area network (WAN) to connect to branches in various places. The WAN connection method is to connect wirelessly through routers in various places. Wireless transmission mainly uses multi-frequency band antenna connection, and the antenna is mainly responsible for transmitting and receiving radio waves to achieve the purpose of transmission. Grand-tek Technology is strong at mechanical and antenna integration within limited space and maximized the antenna isolation & gain value.

In addition, Grand-tek Technology have sub-system integration for outdoor wireless communication processing, and have the technical capabilities of waterproof, anti-static, lightning protection, air tightness, and adapt to various extreme climates and environments, and provide customers with professional advice for comprehensive consideration. Welcome to contact us and hope we can help you indeed.

Challenges and Responses of Modern Enterprises-SD-WAN Future Development - Grand-Tek