Opportunities and challenges of Open RAN

Compared with other communication network developments, Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) is a more economical solution for the carriers. Open RAN's vCU and vDU are not restricted, opening doors for equipment suppliers to join the market. The world leading pioneers, Nokia, Samsung, Vodafone, Orange, and Telefonica are interested in Open RAN for more bargaining power. Besides, Open RAN's high product compatibility allows different software suppliers to develop 5G applications. Ericsson, Version and A&T will use Cloud RAN products as the medium for subsequent conversion to Open RAN.

Now Open RAN's main application regions are developing countries and the countryside. The performance of Open RAN has not yet been able to load the huge amount of public network traffic, so it cannot meet the requirements of dense urban networks. In addition, the organization of Open RAN is not mature, and it is a novel and unfamiliar technology for traditional carriers. For example, software suppliers must optimize their speed and promote the compatibility of customized equipment. We, Grand-Tek, a professional outdoor telecommunication system integrator, are expecting the supply chain will become mature and develop well in the near future.