An Automotive Safety World: Smart Transportation C-V2X

Recently, Japanese car maker Honda took an action to fulfill its vision “collision-free society”. The firm cooperated with US operator Version to make related tests. Honda provided its automotive safety platform, on the other hand, Version provide its 5G connectivity and mobile computing (MEC) service.

There are some application targets about Collision-free society: pedestrian crossing safety, emergency vehicles and red-light runner prevention. By 5G network and MEC, these techniques can reduce complex computing onboard to lower transmission latencies and increase bandwidth. Above all aims to speed up network data delivery, let the time drivers receive alert messenger nearly equals to real time. For more information:

Grand-Tek provide one-stop solution for C-V2X including sub-system and antenna solutions. Our products application covers smart transportation, traffic safety and vehicle connections. Grand-Tek outdoor DSRC & C-V2X/V2V Communication series provide DSRC and C-V2X antennas which feature N-Plug, and gain from 7.6dBI to 9.5dBi max. Besides, we offer IK rating product, which is waterproof or weatherproof, usually with surge protection and apply for smart transportation, too. Moreover, it is low-profile yet robust for outdoor application. Welcome to contact us and share your idea. It is Grand-Tek pleasure to meet customer's needs.