Private 5G might outrun public 5G-Enterprise IoT

This is the view of ABI Research,spending on private and shared enterprise networks will surpass spending on public cellular networks in about 15 years, presenting last week online in 5G Technology Summit.

The forecast period goes into the long-term, covering the tail-end of 4G-LTE, the rise of 5G-NR, and probably the emergence of an entirely new (6G) generation of cellular. ABI Research director Dimitris Mavrakis said, “By 2036, what is spent on enterprise cellular will be more than [what goes] public cellular. Enterprise use cases will be more important than consumer use cases.” He believes as time goes by, "shared and private spectrum will increase in usage, which means either carriers will deploy using shared spectrum or new entrants will come into the market, including even companies like Amazon or Microsoft.”

We also believe that public 5G cellular networks is similar to 4G era, making no differenciation to it. What should be focused in 5G ecosystem is the private enterprise networks. It is surely competitive environment(so as 4G era), but it is a new opportunity & with high momentum to the market.

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