LDS Antennas

What is an LDS Antennas?

LDS stands for Laser Direct Structuring; it is a process where an antenna is designed and produced onto a 3-dimensional plastic support. This support is either a separate plastic part, or an existing integral piece of your product’s housing.

Process in design and production stage for LDS Antennas

LDS Antennas - Grand-Tek

Note : Dynamic Trace Element can be used as an alternative to metal stamping of flexible adhesive antenna designs.

Production steps:

LDS Antennas production steps: 1. Injection molding 2. Laser structuring 3. Electroless copper. - Grand-Tek

LDS Antennas - Grand-Tek

LDS Antennas pros & cons

Accurate trace to housing shape
Simpler assembly process
Shape flexibility – curves, 3D, complexes shapes
Shape can be updated anytime during the process
Plastic housing
Limited carrier colors
Limited carrier materials
Process to be started at the early stage of your housing project for best results