GTT Mushroom For GPS/GLONASS Outdoor Antenna

small GPS antenna / external GPS antenna

GTT Mushroom For GPS/GLONASS Outdoor Antenna - Grand-Tek


The external GPS antenna is designed by GTT itself. It has IK09 protection level and IP67 waterproof and dustproof level. High protective properties suitable for installation in outdoor environments. And the volume height is only 64mm. It is a small GPS antenna exclusively developed by GTT. Its frequency band is 1575~1602MHz, supporting the US GPS system and the Russian GLONASS system.

GPS/GLONASS Overall Antenna Specification

Center Frequency 1575.42~1602MHz
Zenith Gain (0°) 1575.42/ 1602 28.2±3 dBic. / 28.1±3 dBic
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Output V.S.W.R 2.0 typ.
Operation Voltage DC=3.0~5.0 V
Current DC=6.5±2 mA


Center Frequency 1575.42~1602MHz
Gain (1575.42 MHz / 1602 MHz) 28±3 dB/ 28±3 dB
Noise Figure 3.0 dB typ.
Filter Out band Attenuation 25 dB typ. @±50MHz
Output V.S.W.R 2.0 dB typ.
Operation Voltage DC=3.0 V~5.0 V
Current DC=6.5±2 mA

Environmental & Mechanical Characteristics

Temperature: -30℃to +70℃
Humidity: 95% @55℃
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Antenna Housing Color: Cool Gray 2C
Antenna Housing Material: Material: PC
Weight: 105.0g
Dimensions: 64.0mm(L)x55.0mm(OD)
IK Rating: IK09

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