Customize Antenna Solutions -Embedded Antenna

Is there good and bad antenna?

Properly speaking, the answer is no. Some antennas are suitable for different applications, depending on their parameters. Also, the performance of an antenna, such as its frequency, is influenced by the electronic components around it but also the shell of the enclosure.

For those reasons, when supporting you in building your wireless system, our engineering teams will pay a dedicated attention on Integrated Design (ID) and Mechanical design (MD).

What are the advantages of a custom antenna?

  • Higher performances
  • Costs reductions
  • Faster go to market

Thanks to our Integrated Services, including the evaluation of Mechanical Design, materials, interface's performances, and other specifications, we can select the most suitable antenna for your wireless network infrastructure. Our engineers, expert in custom antenna ID and MD, advise you on the most optimized mechanical design to integrate your custom antenna and maximize its efficiency.

Our antenna are certified following international regulations, but also tested in our labs. We ensure the stability of the full wireless system you build with us, in various environments.
Furthermore, this process is set up in a way that we cooperate with our clients helping them keep costs under control in parallel of achieving mass production targets faster.

Customize Antenna Solutions -Embedded Antenna - Grand-Tek

Customize Antenna Solutions -Embedded Antenna - Grand-Tek

Embedded Antenna for 5G - Grand-Tek

Embedded Antenna for 5G

P/N : R-PCB-664
Gain : 1.0 dBi ~ 3.3 dBi
Range : 617~5925 (MHz)

Embedded Antenna for 4G - Grand-Tek

Embedded Antenna for 4G

P/N : R-PCB-642
Gain : -4.5 dBi ~ 2.9 dBi
Range : 698~2690 (MHz)

Embedded Antenna for WiFi - Grand-Tek

Embedded Antenna for WiFi

P/N : R-PCB-665
Gain : (2.4G/5G) 4.4 dBi / 6.6 dBi max