Complies with IPC-A-620 certification

Grand-Tek Technology's automotive wiring harness assembly complies with the international standard IPC-A-620. IPC-A-620 is a standard developed by IPC (Electronic Industry Connection Association). The IPC-A-620 standard mainly covers the requirements, testing standards and acceptance criteria for cable and wire harness assemblies.

The main specification contents of IPC-A-620:

Complies with IPC-A-620 certification - Grand-Tek

Through IPC-A-620 certification, we can ensure that the cables and wire harness assemblies we produce comply with international standards. Thereby improving product quality, reliability, and consistency. This is important to achieve high levels of quality control and manufacturing standards in the electronics assembly field.

Complies with IPC-A-620 certification - Grand-Tek

In modern industry, assembly wire harnesses play an indispensable role and become an important key component in the production process. It is commonly used to connect and assemble a wide variety of electronic components and components. In response to changing product demands and application scenarios, Grand-Tek provides professional customized assembly wiring harness services to comply with the highest international standards and is committed to providing excellent automotive and industrial wiring harness solutions.