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Times Microwave Systems.

Times Microwave Systems(TMS) was founded in 1948 as the Times Wire and Cable Company. They design and manufacture high performance coaxial cables, connectors and cable assemblies for military, aerospace, telecommunications, industrial RF and microwave applications. For outdoor solutions, Grand-tek adopts LMR ® high performance series for more reliable yet cost-effective achievement, also the Silverline® testing and measurement range is available for all performance matters customers.

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Times Microwave LMR® Products for Wireless Application
- More flexible than corrugated copper cables
- Low loss comparable to corrugated copper cables
- Easy connector attachment using common hand tools or stripping tools
- Cost effective
- Full-range variants
Most Popular Options
- LMR® 100A : GPS Flexible Jumper Link
- LMR® 195 : Flexible Low Loss (vehicle)
- LMR® 200 : Flexible Low Loss (vehicle)
- LMR® 240 : Reliable Low Loss (truck, fleet)
- LMR® 400 : Low Loss (fixed point)
- LMR® 600 : Ultra low loss

Times Microwave LMR® Products for Wireless Application - Grand-Tek

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