Customize Your Antenna

Why Customize your Antenna?

  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Specific Multi-Band Capabilities
  • Maximize Performance
  • Fulfill Specific RF Performance Requirements
  • Custom Mechanical Requirements

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Why GTT customazation?
GTT has been helping our customer design the custom antennas since year 2000, we aim to offer the most ideal antenna solution for all of our customers. Here are what you woulc expect from our customazation services, 

  • Custom Multi-Band Design Capabilities - GTT is able to test any antenna up to 10 GHz 
  • Maximum Performance - Antennas specifically designed to perform in your devices
  • Lower Cost Solution - Innovative idea to control your total-cost-ownerships 
  • Add-on Mechanical/Thermal Requirement - Thermal simulation, ESD, environmental requirmeent for the most reliable connections.
  • Worldwide Support - From design to finished product. Our team understands commercialization, regulatory bodies that control frequency spectrum and various testing requirements.
  • Proven, Competitive, High Volume Manufacturing Capabilities - GTT provides quality assurance with testing methodologies to meet your volume & performance requirement. 
  • On-site Testing & Verification - Save time, avoid delays, and ensure your antenna exceeds all performance expectations.
Our on-site chamber includes 2D Far Field & 3D Satimo Near Field testing environment, 
  • 2D Far Field Antenna Chamber –  Sub 6GHz Antenna Design Verification
    • Chamber dimension: 6m*3m*3m
    • Antenna dimension constraint please contact us for more details. 
  • 3D Satimo Near Field Simulation Chamber – Verification for Efficiency up to 10GHz
    • Chamber dimension: 0.9m 
    • Antenna dimension constraint: 0.45m
    • Frequency: 650MHz to 10GHz
    • OTA (Over-the-air) testing capability: 
      • TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity) test
      • TRP test (Total Radiation Pattern) test