IPEX MHF vs HRS U(W).FL Series Comparison

Recently, we have been asked frequently what is the difference between my U.FL & IPEX cable assembly? What type should I transfer from U.FL to IPEX without any hassles? Are they compatible to my device? Or are they the same?

Grand-Tek has done the study for you. MHF1 is compatible with HRS standard U.FL cable assembly while MHF4(L) is compatible with HRS W.FL cable assembly.

See the comparison below,I-PEX MHF Connector - Grand-Tek

If your device is for 5G applications, IPEX MHF4 is the type for you. However, if yours are for WiFi, 3G or 4G use, U.FL types are the most common ones.

Need upgrade? IPEX & U.FL size charts are here for your references.

While 4 colours (grey, black, white, blue) are the most common adoptions, we are able to offer up to 10 different colour of cable for easy identification within your RF systems. EMI shielded type cable is also available for customised jumpers.

For both types, Grand-Tek could offer the most production volume up to 45Kpcs per day & 1.1KKpcs monthly. However, initial pre-MP quantity under 1Kpcs per batch is also welcomed to discuss.

Do you have any other thoughts to share? Still do not sure which type is the most suitable for you? Or any other series or antenna integration services, please contact our sales team for further discussion.