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IP68 Cable Gland

M-Smart - Grand-Tek

Build-to-Configuration Cable & Antenna Accessories
There are a big range of standard cable and antenna tooled components can be choose from to upgrade your indoor system to a reliable and robust industrial outdoor devices, which can last for 10 years.

Cable gland, dust cover and sealings
It is critical that your system is 100% secured with reliable UL approved cable gland and the dust cap. With various color, suitable for different cable O.D. and applications, such as fiber optical, surge protection, PoE, power connection, we developed a wide range of glands and conduit to protect your equipment from damage and corrosion.
GTT design various interface connector and M-Smart assembly, from Power, LAN, PoE surge, SIM, LED/reset and circular series for different function. These interfaces suits our enclosure series for the best performance.